Study Finds 4 in 5 Parents Say Coronavirus Lockdown Has Brought Their Families Closer Together

Some four out of five parents on lockdown with their children due to the coronavirus pandemic say the crisis has brought their families closer together, according to a new study.

A survey of 2,000 British parents by MumPoll revealed that 80% of parents believe they have formed stronger bonds with their families as a result of the increased time they have been spending together during the lockdown, StudyFinds reports.

Approximately 50% of parents in the survey have played board games with their children while another 30% say they have formed book clubs and read together.

And this study is not alone in observing the positive impact of the coronavirus on families normally separated by a faster lifestyle.

“For the first time since the early 19th century, many parents and kids — and even grandchildren — are all under the same roof round-the-clock. And if past periods of emergency are any guide, this enforced togetherness could deepen our relationships for years to come,” said Erica Pandey, a business reporter for Axios.

While the survey focused on British parents, several parents in the U.S. made similar observations to Axios.

“The strangest thing I’ve noticed is a sense of bonding,” Steven Singleterry, who works in finance and lives in Brandon, Mississippi, said. “We spend much less time on electronics and more time together. I think it’s a product of schooling the kids from home as well as home becoming the new all-in-one.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair