Poll Finds 65 Percent of Americans Support Trump’s Temporary Immigration Ban During Coronavirus Pandemic

A majority of Americans — as much as 65 percent — favor a temporary pause on most immigration to the United States as the coronavirus pandemic continues, according to two separate new surveys. 

A Washington Post-University of Maryland poll released Tuesday shows that even though a majority of Americans they surveyed seemingly disapprove of President Trump’s response to the outbreak, they approve of his plan to temporarily halt nearly all immigration to the U.S.

The survey of 1,008 Americans was launched after Trump announced on April 20 that he planned to pause immigration during the pandemic to protect high skilled jobs for the tens of millions of Americans who’ve filed for unemployment in recent weeks.

However, the survey was launched before the details of the executive order were made public two days later on April 22.

Respondents were asked if they support or oppose “temporarily blocking nearly all immigration” into the U.S. during the coronavirus outbreak.”

With over six in 10 respondents saying that they support such a plan, 34 percent said they oppose.

Broken down by self-identified party affiliation, 83 percent of Republicans, 67 percent of Independents and nearly half (49 percent) of Democrats said they support a temporary ban.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith