Living Water International Directs Coronavirus Response with Hygiene WASH Programs

Living Water International, a global Christian non-governmental organization dedicated to developing global clean water and hygiene solutions, has been tasked by the World Health Organization (WHO) to support vital WASH (water, access, sanitation and hygiene) programs that will help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus among vulnerable, low-income, and housing stable populations.

In countries throughout East Africa, including Kenya, Living Water International will help bolster programs for hundreds of thousands of people that increase regular hand hygiene and washing by strengthening hundreds of handwashing facilities, instituting proven behavior change techniques, along with ensuring safe management of public water and sanitation systems.

“The combination of boundary-spanning challenges has put humanity in unchartered territory, said Mike Mantel, President and CEO, Living Water International. “Living Water’s past success fighting outbreaks of Zika and Ebola has shown that WASH interventions for physical relief and spiritual relief are a powerful combination, especiallyin times of crisis.”

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jerry Wiles