Jerry Wiles on Putting Our Faith Online

A new day for networking, collaboration, webinars and prayer groups

In 1982, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee a friend of mine told me about leading someone to the Lord over the telephone.  It was actually as a result of someone calling a wrong phone number.  My friend took the opportunity to engage the person in conversation.  When the caller realized and acknowledged that he had reached a wrong number, my friend said, “Wait a minute, maybe the Lord had you call this number for some special reason.  Have you been thinking more about the Lord lately?”

Sparking New Ways to Witness

Well, that brief exchange turned out to be an opportunity for my friend to share the Gospel.  They had prayer together over the phone and the person confessed his faith in Christ.  Hearing about my friend’s experience sparked something in me and I began to recognize witness and ministry opportunities I had never noticed before.  Since those days, I have had similar experiences and have lead dozens of people to the Lord over the telephone.

Wrong Numbers or Divine Appointments

I don’t do it every time, but often, when receiving a call that is a wrong number, I seek to engage the caller in conversation.  I may say something like, “Wait a minute, maybe the Lord had you call this number for some special reason.  Have you had a desire for a more personal, intimate relationship with the Lord?”  Any variation of those comments and questions have opened many witness and ministry opportunities over the years, that I could have missed otherwise.  Most people are not receptive, but a certain percentage are.  When we connect with those who are interested, to continue the conversation, I often ask something like, “Do you know the Lord personally?  Or, is there something I can pray with you about?”  Most people are not offended by an offer for prayer.

Sharing and Praying

These methods can also be effective for sharing and praying with marketing and solicitation callers.  I normally listen briefly, then say something like, “We’re not really in the market for your product or service, but maybe the Lord had you call this number for some special reason.  Is there anything going on in your life I can pray with you about?  Or, have you come to an awareness of your need for the Lord?”  Most people will not respond positively.  However, over the years I’ve found that the Lord has prepared many, and some are open to pray and confess their faith in Christ.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Jerry Wiles

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