InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Ministering to College Students After Everyone Goes Home Due to Coronavirus Plague

Screenshot of one online small group meeting (Photo courtesy of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has a goal; bring a campus ministry presence to every college campus in the United States with more than 1,000 enrolled students before the year 2030. They call it their 2030 Calling.

But that goal is much harder to reach when colleges and universities across the nation send their students home during a health crisis.

Going Online

“This disruption at first… created a slowdown or a pause in our ability to get to new campuses because you physically couldn’t go to campuses; they were closing,” says Jason Thomas of InterVarsity. “That had a significant short term disruption to our work, but we made a pretty significant shift fairly quickly to try to move ministry online wherever we could.”

InterVarsity has a specific team whose sole purpose is to consider effective online ministry, including small groups, prayer meetings, and leadership development. They’re even considering a large group meeting that would involve worship and a main speaker.

So when COVID-19 forced many schools to close their doors, InterVarsity stepped up to the plate with digital alternatives to in-person campus ministry. So far, students are responding positively.

“What we’ve seen, interestingly, has been a large number of new students getting involved with Intervarsity because they find that getting plugged in through digital means either is easier to do than walking into a new meeting or new dorm room or they’re hungry or eager,” Thomas says.

Students are looking for answers and community in a world without either of those things. InterVarsity wants to fill that gap for them.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt


  • Pray for college students looking for hope amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19’s influence.
  • Ask God to help InterVarsity continue to provide quality discipleship opportunities even from afar.
  • Thank Him for InterVarsity’s speedy response to the current crisis.