Dr. Richard Land Answers: Why Are We So Shocked by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Question: Why are we so shocked by the coronavirus pandemic?

Answer:  As I was surfing the internet the other day, I came across a title that arrested my attention. It read, “Global Deaths: Jan. 1-March 30, 2020” on worldometer.info. As I scrolled down the list, I was shocked by the numbers. Here they are (at the time of writing):

Abortion: 10,402,251

Communicable diseases: 3,177,081

Cancer: 2,009,990

Smoking: 1,223,439

Alcohol: 612,105

HIV/AIDS: 411,415

Traffic accidents: 330, 367

Suicides: 262,441

Malaria: 240,056

Seasonal flu: 118,980

Mothers during childbirth:  75,645

Coronavirus:  35,016

The coronavirus has upended our world here in America and in much of Europe (no one really knows about China because their government has lied repeatedly from day one including imprisoning doctors who tried to warn the world). And yet, coronavirus deaths are at the tail end of this list. Granted, worldwide coronavirus deaths have more than tripled since the end of March, which means that if deaths in childbirth and seasonal flu maintained their usual pace, then coronavirus may now be third from the bottom in worldwide causes of death. While tragic, coronavirus’ toll is dwarfed by the other causes of worldwide death.

This forced me to prayerfully ponder the question, why has the coronavirus, the ‘Great Pandemic of 2020’, caused such a complete disruption of our society and such emotional distress in our population, Christian and non-Christian alike, when there are so many more lethal causes of death bedeviling humanity? And what should Christians seek to do about it?”

One answer is, of course, that several of these — childbirth death, malaria, and communicable diseases — are much less likely to cause Americans to die than people in the second and third world because of the advanced health care systems with which we are blessed. Second, several other of these causes of morbidity — alcohol, smoking, HIV/AIDS, traffic accidents, suicide — are causes that we as individuals have at least some control over our risk or exposure. In other words, we can make decisions that at least partially protect us from being victims of these widespread causes of death. The third category — cancer and seasonal flu — while to some degree are random and non-preventable, at least can be somewhat mitigated by taking flu shots, practicing good hygiene and getting regularly prescribed health check ups and screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies.

In other words, we at least feel we have some control over these leading causes of death and can at least partially protect ourselves by things we do. And the most lethal cause of death is almost entirely voluntary, since only about 1% of abortions involve any legitimate risks to the mother’s or the baby’s health. That means that 99% of the abortions of human babies are voluntary child sacrifices to the secular gods of material well-being, social convention, and mere convenience. The fact that so many Americans are no longer shocked and sickened by this monstrous child sacrifice indicates the extent to which our collective moral conscience has been desensitized by this mass killing over time.

The coronavirus, however, is a new, dangerous, and mysterious stranger in our midst, and we have very few ways to protect ourselves from this highly contagious, lethal interloper into our lives and the lives of our fellow Americans.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Richard Land