Coronavirus Communication Disparities Reveals Critical Information Gap Regarding the Gospel

Image courtesy of muffinn via Flickr/CC.

Coronavirus updates are circulating nonstop on TV, radio, and social media.  Many news outlets – MNN included – have a designated section on their websites for COVID-19 coverage.

Staying informed is important when dealing with a global pandemic, but imagine if you had no way to access this material.  Worse yet, what if the information you did see was false?

“Out of all the information that’s coming in your Facebook feed about coronavirus, imagine if only 2% of that information was accurate. That would mean most of what you’re seeing is not correct information; it might actually lead you astray,” DOOR International’s Rob Myers describes as an example.

“That gives people a picture of what [life is] like as a person within an unreached people group.”

Unreached, but not unimportant

Instead of having no information about the coronavirus, unreached people groups have no way to know God. In an unreached people group, “less than two-percent of the community are believers [and] they lack a church presence,” Myers describes.

“Sometimes, the surrounding culture is very, very hostile toward the Gospel,” he adds. Other unreached people groups find themselves enclosed by false religion.

Thus far, the global Church has largely overlooked unreached people groups – that’s why they remain unreached. The Alliance for the Unreached is changing this reality by turning uninformed believers into advocates. More about the Alliance for the Unreached here.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray that God would send workers to the global mission field.
  • Ask God to reveal connections into unreached communities, and pray He would open doors of opportunity for believers.
  • Pray for financing and other things that are necessary to see unreached people groups introduced to the Gospel.