America Now Has Double the Number of Infections as Europe Epicenter Spain and is Reporting Five Times as Many Illnesses as China Did During its Peak

The US continues to outpace every other country in coronavirus cases as the pandemic spreads.

There are more than 245,000 confirmed cases in America. That is twice as many as the country with the second-highest number of cases: Spain at 117,000.

In just a matter of weeks, the US surpassed other countries once considered to be the epicenter of the global outbreak including ChinaItalyGermanyIran and South Korea.

A new graph shows that just 20 days after the first case was reported, the US had more than 20,000 cases.

Over the same time period, Spain had around 7,000, Italy and the UK had under 5,000 and Iran had about 1,000.

The US is now reporting five-figure numbers when it comes to new cases per day, five times as many as China did during its peak. The Asian country never reported more than about 3,800 cases in a single day.

Just 20 days after the first coronavirus case was reported, America had more than 20,000 cases, more than any country over the same time period

The US is now reporting five times as many cases as China did during its peak, which was around 3,800 in one day

America is now recording more new coronavirus cases per day than anywhere else in the world, although Italy has a higher fatality rate.

And the rate of spread in the US – 28,990 new cases yesterday alone – suggests that the peak of the outbreak is still weeks away.

On Thursday, officials reported more than 1,000 deaths from the pandemic in a single day – a record high.

It was also revealed that more than 6.6 million Americans had sought unemployment benefits in a single week.

New York City has become the new epicenter of the global pandemic.

On Thursday, the city recorded 1,562 deaths, up 188 from 1,374 on Wednesday, which is a rate faster than cities such as Madrid and Lombardy, Italy’s worst-hit region.

New York state alone recorded 2,373 cases on Thursday – behind Spain, which had 2,770 cases yesterday.

The Big Apple has the fastest growing death rate, with the death toll doubling nearly every 1.5 days. By comparison, Lombardy saw a doubling every three days.

Italy’s older population means its fatality rate is 10.19 percent, much higher than America’s 1.5 percent fatality rate.

However, the number of cases being recorded every day in America now far exceeds the number of cases that China ever admitted to at the peak of the outbreak despite China’s larger population.

There are suspicions that China has been covering up the extent of the coronavirus outbreak from the start.

The higher number of cases per day in America could also be due to the large number of tests being carried out in New York state – which is about 25 percent of all test being performed in the US.

The figures seem to indicate the pandemic will reach all corners of the nation even as President Donald Trump says he hopes to open the country ‘soon’.

it comes as the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projects that the peak resource use (meaning when we will need the most hospital beds, ICU beds, and ventilators) is just two weeks away.

Officials are expected to be short 87,000 beds and about 20,000 ventilators.

The projection also estimates that the peak day of deaths is April 16, with more than 2,600 expected to be recorded in one day.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Mary Kekatos