World Mission Offering Audio Bibles to Bangladesh’s Unreached People Groups

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

Despite recent media attention due to Rohingya refugees, many in Bangladesh remain unreached by the Gospel. World Mission calls believers to pray for fruit from audio Bibles in the area.

Going to the Unreached

The charge in the Great Commission to reach the ends of the Earth is not yet done. In fact, Greg Kelley with World Mission says that some places, including Bangladesh, have been forgotten by Christian workers.

“The ends of the earth is places that don’t have access to the Gospel. An example of that are the Shaikh of Bangladesh,” Kelley says. “It’s a people group that happens to be the largest single unreached people group in the world. They live in Bangladesh. There are 133 million people that are 0.00% Christian. Most Christians have no clue who they are.”

In addition to the Shaikh, the Rohingya are now in Bangladesh due to genocide in their home country of Myanmar. Both peoples are primarily Muslim and unreached by the Gospel.

Little Gospel Witness

Many in Bangladesh have never heard the Good News. Surrounding countries have little Gospel presence. Pakistan influences the country for Islam, India is quickly becoming more radicalized for Hinduism, and Myanmar is a Buddhist country.

Kelley says, “So you’ve got Hindu, Islam and Buddhism all in a very closely concentrated area, Bangladesh being the center. It is in a very strategic location, but there’s not been a lot of attention given there from a mission standpoint. It’s very difficult that there’s a radical element of Islam and there, you’ve got the Shaikh, the largest unreached people group in the world of over 130 million people. Basically no known Christians is what they’re saying. The body of Christ has to have an expression there.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that God would help local workers spread God’s truth without fear in a difficult environment.
  • Ask God to grow up the seeds planted by solar-powered Bibles in Bangladesh.
  • Pray that God would open the eyes of unreached Rohingya and Shaikh peoples to see the truth of the Gospel.