WATCH: White Police Sergeant Sees Black Mother Standing on a Street Corner Holding Balloons then Gives her a Ride Home and Buys a Cake for her Daughter’s First Birthday. See the Adorable Moment the Little Girl Hugs the Police Officer

The mother is later seen in the video introducing Boney to her baby. ‘You’re so cute,’ he gushes

A random audit of bodycam video revealed heartwarming footage of a Georgia police sergeant helping a mom get home to her 1-year-old daughter’s birthday, supplying the cake and even joining the family for the celebration.

The footage taken in January and discovered by a supervisor doing the audit shows Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Nick Boney doing the good deed.

In the footage, Boney spots the mother on a street corner at night holding birthday balloons and asks her, ‘How you doing m’am? Where you trying to get to?’

A random audit of bodycam video revealed heartwarming footage of Gwinnett County, Georgia, Police Sgt. Nick Boney helping a mom get home to her 1-year-old daughter’s birthday during a night time call in January

‘Home’, she replies.

‘You want a ride?’ he asks.

‘Please’, she answers.

The mother’s voice cracks as she says, ‘thank you’, and mentions that it was her daughter’s 1st birthday.

‘I want to give her a cake,’ she says, as the sergeant lets her into a police vehicle.

Boney is then seen in the footage turning to Officer Jimmy Wilson and asks him to take his credit card and go purchase a cake with a No. 1 birthday candle.

The sergeant later surprises the mom with the cake.

She is so grateful in the footage that she allows the officer to enter her home to meet her daughter and family.

Upon entering, two young children are spotted running up to the officer and give him hugs. The mother also is then seen presenting the officer with the birthday girl.

‘You’re so cute,’ he gushes as he gently touches the child while she was in the mother’s arms.

The mom goes further to introduce the officer to her mother and father.

‘How you all doing today,’ said the sergeant in response.

The footage shows Boney playing and kidding around with the children before the candle is lit and he helps sing, ‘Happy Birthday’ to the baby.

Boney is then helping to cut the cake before leaving on to his next call.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Ralph R. Ortega