WATCH: New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and Other Georgia Churches Eliminate Communion, Hugging, Handshakes, and Encourage Online Services Amid Coronavirus Threat

As more coronavirus cases pop up in Georgia, many churches are changing their services to keep people healthy. Some churches are stopping communion and some are eliminating hand-holding.

“We put hand sanitizer at every exit of our sanctuary,” said Pastor Jamal Bryant. “We ought to feel safe in the house of God,” he said.

New Birth Church is one of many houses of worship eliminating hugging, communion and even handshakes to stop the potential spread of the coronavirus.

“The church must be a safe haven, not just for inspiration but for information,” said Bryant of educating people on precautionary measures rather than stoking fear among the community.

Just days ago, the Archdiocese of Atlanta offered an advisory on communion policies to churches in an effort to keep people safe.

Those attending Sunday service said they don’t mind the change, and they appreciated the church’s message to stay calm.

“We need faith in areas where fear will kick in,” Bryant said.

“It does make you a little concerned, but you just keep praying that God is going to come through, and it won’t hit us, ” said worshipper Delaina Holmes.

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SOURCE: FOX5, Alexa Liacko