Transforming Teachers Helps Teacher Effectively Incorporate God’s Word Into their Teaching

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Teaching provides the opportunity to show students how to process the world around them. Yet, often that work is done without the influence of the Bible. Harold Klassen with TeachBeyond believes that can change, even in “secular topics.”

Many Christians struggle with integrating Scripture into subjects they teach. Klassen’s organization Transforming Teachers compiles resources and ideas for teachers so that they can effectively integrate God’s Word with His world.

A Solution to the Teaching Problem

Before joining TeachBeyond, Klassen was a teacher for many years. He worked at both public and Christian schools. The problem was the same at both. How could he allow his faith to permeate his teaching and really help transform students?

Klassen says, “I was always trying to add the Bible into my classes in chemistry and physics. And often it just didn’t feel very comfortable for my students or myself. It took a long time before I began to realize that what I needed to do was to understand what God was trying to do; and fit my chemistry and my physics into His plan, rather than trying to stuff some Bible verses into my classes.”

Helping Others

Learning how to fit lessons into God’s plans for the world took work. There was a lot of information to gather and issues to consider. Klassen knew that others must be struggling with the same problem. So 16 years ago, he began a website called

“I began to collect things that others had written and then I was thinking about, so that people would have a place where they could begin to see what others were doing.” Klassen says, “And [they could] be encouraged to understand that it was possible to see God’s world and God’s Word together, the way he had them from the beginning.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Learn more about how you integrate faith in teaching.
  • Pray that Transforming Teachers would be able to continue to encourage teachers to work their faith into their classrooms.
  • Ask God to give teachers wisdom as they navigate ever-changing classrooms and encourage kids.