Tenth Avenue North Announces Split and ‘Final Farewell Tour’ After 20 Years Together

Award-winning Christian band Tenth Avenue North announced they’re going their separate ways after over a decade of making music and touring together. 

“Words always seem to fail when it comes to farewell,” frontman Mike Donehey wrote in a letter posted on Instagram. “Even the best goodbyes are bittersweet. Maybe we’re made for eternity after all.”

He added: “20 years ago, Tenth Avenue North was nothing but three friends goofing around in a PBA dorm room. We never dreamt it would take us around the globe, not in a million years. But here we are, two decades, shaking our heads, grateful, in all. We’re grateful for all the stories, all the tears, for all the memories we’ve made. Did I mention the music?”

Tenth Avenue North has had over 1.5 million albums sold and multiple No. 1 radio hits over the last 10 years. Including their independent releases, the band, which got their start in Palm Beach, Florida, has released 15 original music projects.


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Goodbyes ain’t easy.

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“It’s been a glorious, hard fought, and oftentimes breath-taking journey. We feel like we’ve seen it all. The fights, the victories, the forgiveness period, the mercy … truckloads of mercy.

“Now it seems a season is coming to a close,” the letter continued.

“One by one, band members have been moving on. We don’t consider this a sign of unhealth, quite the opposite. After 20 years, we’re dreaming new dreams. It’s time to encourage one another to go, go and do all that is in our hearts to do,” it added.

The band, which consists of Donehey, Jeff Owen, and Ruben Juarez III, kicked off their “Finally Living Tour” this month and the letter stated that they will be calling it their “final farewell tour.”

“That’s what it is a farewell. It is with a great deal of joy and sorrow all mixed up together, we want you to know this will be our last tour as Tenth Avenue North,” they announced.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law