New Devotional From Author Carole McDonnell: “Christian Laws of Attraction”


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Introducing a new devotional by Carole McDonnell, the author of Blogging the Psalms, A Fool’s Journey Through Proverbs, Great Sufferers of the Bible, and My Life as an Onion

Do you want your spiritual life to be more productive? Do you feel as if New Age practices get you better benefits than Christian prayers? Do you feel as if you are not quite getting the instructions right and are somehow missing the mark? Do you believe that either Christianity is failing you or that you are failing Christianity? Are you tempted to leave the ancient paths of Christianity and to find other seemingly more productive and efficient spiritual help? Or, do you think that there is no difference between Christianity and New Age practices?

In Christianity, there is no one law of attraction but there are many Christian laws that will cause goodness and mercy to pursue us. There are definitely similarities and differences between the law of attraction and the Christian faith walk. As it is with the various currencies throughout the world, so it is with spiritual currencies, spiritual truths, and spiritual wisdom. Thieves never counterfeit bad or unreal things; they only counterfeit the good and the real.

The only way to truly discern the similarities and differences between the law of attraction and the Christian faith walk is to truly know the Bible. Not someone’s interpretation of the Bible. Not some denominational doctrine. Not a trendy pop culture belief. The Bible.

The most important aspect of the kingdom is that the kingdom will take care of you if you follow the rules of the kingdom and seek first the kingdom of God.

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