Midwestern and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminaries Offer Studios to Pastors to Record Sermons

Midwestern and Southeastern Baptist theological seminaries are offering recording studios to pastors in their regions to record sermons.

“Southeastern Seminary exists to equip students to serve the churches of the SBC,” says a statement on a website where churches can register for the service. “In this time of uncertainty we want to extend sermon video recording services in our studio to share with your congregation on Sunday morning. We want to help churches stay connected and continue the teaching of God’s Word in the days ahead.”

A tweet from Midwestern seminary said, “Kansas City area pastors, many of you are moving Sunday’s sermon online for the first time and may not have the equipment you need.”

Churches also can receive help in streaming the recorded sermon to various platforms.

To sign up for a time slot with Midwestern Seminary, click here. For Southeastern, click here.

Source: Baptist Press