Miami Records Its First Coronavirus Death, Who Happens to Be a Homosexual, Amid Fears It Could Be the Nation’s New Hotspot as US Cases Soar Past 100,000

Miami has reported its first COVID-19 related death, amid fears it could become the next coronavirus epicenter in the United States.

Israel Carreras, 40, died in hospital Friday due to complications from the highly contagious virus he is believed to have caught at a dance party held on Miami Beach earlier this month.

Carreras’ heartbroken partner, Franco Conquista, has paid tribute to his boyfriend in an interview with NBC, stating: ‘Everybody loved him. His personality just shined … [there was] just an aura around him’.

Carreras attended the Winter Party Festival between March 4 and 10, before coming down with a horrible cough.

The party attracts thousands of people each year, who squeeze into close confines to enjoy house music. At least nine other attendees have also tested positive to COVID-19.

The US now has 104,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. New York state remains the nation’s epicenter, with more than 44,000 cases. However, Florida’s case count has exploded in recent days with 3,786 people now confirmed to have contracted coronavirus.

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Source: Daily Mail