Dr. Oz Says While on Lockdown to Ease the Tension Hook Up With Your Spouse and Have More Sex; We Are Sure He is Referring to People Who Are Legally and Traditionally Married

Dr. Oz knows folks forced to stay home over the next few weeks might go a little stir-crazy, especially couples, but he’s got a simple calming solution — as they say … just do it!!!

We spotted Oz Monday on the empty streets of NYC, where he told us what people under quarantine should do to pass the time and avoid depression — a legitimate concern in the current global climate.

The good doc says there’s only so much TV binge-watching you should do — he suggests doing something productive instead, like reading or picking up a new language. However, in two-person households — he says nothing cuts the tension like a little sexual healing.

Even better, medically speaking … Oz says bang it out early and often to keep things civil.

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Source: TMZ