Christian Singer Austin French Gives the Reason he Shares the Gospel at Concerts

Austin French

Christian music artist Austin French says he makes a point when he’s performing a set at big productions like Winter Jam to share the Gospel with his audience.

“It was super important for me not to get up there and say ‘Bang, bang, bang, there’s the songs you want; good night,'” French says. “It was, How do I put the Gospel message into this? … [The music is] gonna fade; people are gonna forget. … But the thing that’s gonna go home with them is the Gospel. That’s the thing that can change your life.

“So I’ll take my 60 minutes at a festival and like, play five, six songs and then just halt, and I’m like, ‘Everybody sit down.’ I get my Bible out and I’m like, ‘All right, I’ve got a 15-minute message. Here we go.’ And I just share the Gospel and I’ll get looks of—when I get off stage, from behind stage—like, ‘Can we do that? Is that is that OK?’ I’m like, absolutely; that’s why we’re writing this music.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News