Carol Round on Don’t Be Ashamed to Share the Good News

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile”—Romans 1:16 (NIV).

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Is it difficult for you to share the Good News of Jesus Christ? Does fear of ridicule stop you from sharing? Maybe you don’t share because you think only your pastor or an evangelist, like Billy Graham, can be successful in the quest to tell others about the greatest news ever. You’re not alone.

But God isn’t looking for all-stars. After her father passed, Anne Graham Lotz described her daddy, Billy Graham like this: “When I think of him, I don’t think of Billy Graham, the public figure. I think of my Daddy. The one who was always a farmer at heart. Who loved his dogs and his cat, who followed the weather patterns almost as closely as he did world events. He wore old blue jeans, comfortable sweaters, and a baseball cap, loved lukewarm coffee, sweet iced tea, one scoop of ice cream, and a plain hamburger from McDonald’s.”

Continuing, she added, “God is not looking for all-stars. He already has an all-star, named Jesus. He is just looking for ordinary people who will follow the all-star, Jesus, with unwavering hearts. That’s you and me!”

An Unwavering Heart

If anyone had an unwavering heart, it was the Apostle Paul. He was singular in his mission. Wherever he traveled, he preached Christ crucified. Whether it was the Pharisees or the philosophers in Athens, he preached the Good News. Many said he was out-of-his mind.

How would you feel if those in the crowds called you crazy?  Even with his reputation as a scholar and wise person, I’m sure Paul was hurt. He understood the truth of the Gospel message. But the crowds’ responses didn’t stop him. He laid the hurt aside, willing to be labeled a fool for his beliefs. All for the sake of Christ.

Even today, sharing the Gospel exposes us to ridicule. But, it’s not about us. Paul understood that.

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SOURCE: Assist News

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