Anne Graham Lotz On Could National Revival Be Silver Lining in Black Cloud of Coronavirus?

“The Lord said to Moses, ‘Indeed, I am going to come to you in a thick cloud, so that the people may hear when I speak with you'” (Ex. 19:9a).

It’s springtime in the western North Carolina mountains where I was raised. There are days of beautiful sunshine, blue skies and cool breezes. On such days, the views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains are spectacular. But there are also days when storms roll in, black clouds descend, views are obliterated and the thunder shakes the earth as it ricochets from peak to peak. When the storm passes, all of nature seems refreshed and renewed.

I’m reminded of those fierce storms now, because the threatening black cloud of the coronavirus has enveloped our nation. Its powerful impact is ricocheting from “peak to peak”—place to place—from our families to our homes, to our schools, to our businesses, to our sports, to our economy, to our churches, to our health care facilities … to our entire way of life. It seems to be obliterating our view of freedom, of peace, of happiness. The swiftness of this storm’s advance is stunning and almost breathtaking (pun intended).

As I have prayed, a dramatic scene from the Old Testament has unfolded before my mind’s eye, which I would like to describe for you. It took place when the recently freed Israelite slaves were camped at the base of Mount Sinai. God spoke to Moses, the man He had used to liberate the people from bondage in Egypt. The Lord said He would come in a thick cloud to Moses. The Bible then goes on to describe the thunder and lightning flashes and a thick cloud (Ex. 19:16, 18).

The people were terrified! But Moses encouraged them, “Do not fear, for God has come to test you, so that the fear of Him may be before you so that you do not sin” (Ex. 20:21). The people looked, and “the glory of the Lord appearing in the cloud” (Ex. 16:10b).The amazing climax was that Moses then approached and entered the cloud where God was (Ex. 20:21). And it was there, in the cloud, that God spoke to Moses.

In the past four years, I, too, have entered into a black, terrifying cloud. My husband’s sudden, unexpected death; my father’s death three years later; my diagnosis of cancer; and the subsequent surgery and follow-up treatments have been personal storms as fiercely threatening as the storm that has now broken upon all of us. But there was a silver lining to the black cloud in my life because it was in the cloud where I encountered God in a fresh way.

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SOURCE: Charisma News