6 Important Things That Should Be in Every Nursery

Figuring out what things to get for a baby nursery can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Basic baby nursery furniture items are a must-have for every new parent. The rest you can purchase based on availability and inspiration.

Arranging the nursery is one of the hundred tasks you have when you’re about to become a parent. However, even though it seems like something not that urgent, you should treat this matter with importance because it can make life a lot easier when the baby comes. We’ve put together 6 items you should not skip when getting ready for the arrival of a new family member.

Must-Have Baby Nursery Furniture Items

Crib or Bassinet

The first item you will need to acquire for your new nursery is the baby’s bed. It does not matter if you plan to purchase an elaborate baby crib or a simple bassinet; the place where your baby will sleep will be the focal point of the entire room. You should be aware of the fact that cribs and bassinets differ significantly in style and price aspects. How much you choose to spend is your decision, but we urge you to make sure that the materials used are of top quality, and the crib or bassinet itself is very sturdy. You may also check the best glider for nursery, which is the perfect yet convenient addition to the whole atmosphere.

Keep in mind that babies tend to sleep 16-17 hours; that is 67% of the day. This means that the crib is the most important element in the baby’s room. And because they tend to sleep most of your time, you will leave your guard down, assuming they are asleep. So, make sure that you purchase a crib that can be easily observable so that you can find out exactly when your toddler is awake.


Choosing the correct bedding will not only influence your child’s comfort but can also be used for decoration. You have a wide range of bedding options, including the crib bedsheets, bumper pads, several pillows, blankets, or even crib skits. You will have a blast choosing and making sure that the colors match. You want the baby nursery furniture to be pleasant to the eye as well, right?

The mattress cover needs to be waterproof: one in the crib and one in your bed for that matter. If your baby spends any time with you in your bed, having a waterproof mattress is just as important. You’ll be surprised by how many spit-ups and blow-outs can happen for a short while. This measure is taken to save time and increase the comfort of your baby. You don’t want to change a cover multiple times, starting from the early morning. And replacing it with a new clean item is far easier than washing the entire mattress.

Changing Table

Do not underestimate the number of dirty diapers you will go through during your baby’s first year. You will become very nimble and agile at changing the diapers over time, but we still consider that getting a changing table is a great idea. It will allow you to be organized, and they come equipped with different shelves so that you can arrange your wipes, diapers, or ointments better.

And when you deal with all of baby’s essentials, you could really use a night light. Babies are not afraid of the dark until they turn 1 year of age; some actually never feel fear of it. But with a night light, you’ll get a great assistant because it will enable both you and your partner navigate to the nursery with ease. And if you don’t want to wake the baby up with the room light, this becomes a beneficial tool. You don’t want to walk around the nursery with low visibility because stubbing your toes will be unavoidable.

Another important feature of this night light is that your baby will learn to distinguish between night and day.

Storage Baskets

Having a big basket in the corner of the nursery won’t just be a cute piece of décor. It will also prove to be great at extra housing blankets, burp cloths, or toys. Make sure to have the one for blankets close to the crib, for burp cloths next to the rocket, and for toys as close to your baby as possible.


An organized dresser will prove to be an essential item in your nursery because you will need to change the baby’s clothes a few times daily. We suggest that you purchase an infant dresser that has at least three drawers and a feature compartment for socks, bibs, and other miscellaneous items.

You will also discover soon that babies need white-noise and static noise in order to fall asleep better. This is where a fan comes in. It doesn’t really matter if it’s too hot in the nursery. Sure, if it is, then you get to kill two birds with one stone. But even if you don’t need the fan for its intended purpose, it will do a great job simulating white noise. It will not only help the baby fall asleep but also mask all the other possible noises and distractions that can usually be heard in one’s household.

Rocking Chair – The Baby Nursery Furniture for You

This one will serve a double purpose: it will increase the comfort of both the parent and the baby. Having a way to rock your infant to sleep, while feeding, is a sophisticated trick. Your baby will be soothed by the rocking motion of chairs or gliders, and you will get a comfortable spot for the mommy to breastfeed.


So, there you have it a nursery starter pack that you should consider for sure. Of course, the list can go on, and we would really appreciate it if you left your opinion in the comments section. What other items do you find mandatory for a nursery? Share your thoughts with our readers, and let’s make this information even more valuable. Any tips that cover furniture and furniture placement are more than welcome as well.


Jessica Young is a proud mother to two beautiful baby daughters. With a passion for interior design, she also loves to share tips and tricks for new mommies.