Wallace Henley on Hollywood Celebrities Use the Oscars as Their Bully Pulpit to Propound the ‘Ungospel’ to the World

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While Franklin Graham is being denied the use of seven venues in the UK to preach the gospel of grace, Hollywood celebrities have had a bully pulpit at the Academy Awards to propound the “ungospel” of their various “oughts” and legalisms to the whole world.

Al Mohler described “Morality, Hollywood Style,” and its confusing ambiguity in a 2009 column. “The liberal variant seems most evident when, for example, moral relativists all of a sudden discover moral scruples. The other liberal variant that so often appears is the argument that artists or celebrities or academics are above the morality to which the rest of society is accountable.”

Sean Fitzpatrick, writing at Catholic Exchange, also pondered the ambiguity of Hollywood morality, as reflected in the wildly popular “Hunger Games.” The quandary of that series, and those like it, Fitzpatrick argued, “is that the moral code is not necessarily invited to play a part.” Such films “very often present physical actions that bear no palpable spiritual consequence,” creating “a permeating ethical vacuum” and “sheer moral ambiguity.”

Yet the Oscar preachers want to chastise and warn us anyway with a litany of sins. Just consider this sampling of “oughts” and “ought nots” thundered at this year’s Academy Awards:

  • Veganism — We ought to avoid eating meat
  • Speciesism — We ought not to regard ourselves as superior to animals
  • Marxism — We ought to support the uniting of the world’s workers to create paradise
  • Animal rights — We ought to cease killing or using animals for our own use
  • Donald Trump — We ought to support the president’s full impeachment

“Gospel” means “good news.” The bad news is that sin erects an impossible barrier to knowing God in this world and living in His holy presence in the world to come. The good news is that God has got us covered through the atonement of the only One who lived and walked among us as one of us, yet was totally without a sin-debt, and therefore had the “currency” of holiness to pay ours.

Christ’s innocence cancels the guilt of all who will receive it. We are “justified by His blood” and “saved by His life.” (Romans 5:9-11)

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wallace Henley

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