The Devil and AI is a Lie: AI Picks Homosexual Pete Buttigieg as the Candidate to Beat Trump

The current New Hampshire Democratic primary ranking from an AI tool called “Polly.”
(Chart provided by Advanced Symbolics Inc.)

An artificial intelligence analysis of Friday night’s Democratic debate picked former Mayor Pete Buttigieg as the clear winner and said that voters believe he can beat President Trump.

The AI model Polly, a market research and predictive tool from Advanced Symbolics Inc., analyzed the debates and measured a sample of 11,227 New Hampshire voters to find that the former South Bend, Indiana, mayor achieved his goal in the debate of convincing people he could beat the president.

“Buttigieg had a strong first half. While the rest of the field attacked him, saying he wasn’t the right candidate to take on Trump, New Hampshire voters disagreed. Polly’s results showed that three-quarters of a percent of New Hampshire voters came to Buttigieg’s camp after he made a strong case why he was the candidate to beat Trump,” said ASI Chief Scientist Kenton White in his report shared with Secrets.

Polly still has Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leading in its AI poll, but the former mayor has a firm grip on second while former Vice President Joe Biden’s chances are dimming.

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Source: Washington Examiner