Study Finds, 7 in 10 Americans Hide Unhealthy Eating Habits from their Partners

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Over half of 2,000 surveyed Americans with romantic partners make efforts to hide their unhealthy eating habits from their better halves, according to a new survey.

In all, 71% of respondents make unhealthy dietary choices behind their partner’s back, and 55% have tried to hide food in their home from their partner. Meanwhile, 70% actively lie to their partner about their eating habits. The research was commissioned by the food company Sabra.

The survey tried to uncover how diets impact relationships. The majority (68%) of respondents said their romantic partner negatively influences their eating habits, while 54% said that eating a nutritious diet would improve the health of their relationship. All in all, 64% said their relationship as a whole has seen better days.

Americans in relationships appear to really need some help improving their diets. Nearly half (49%) of respondents said they trust their partner to remind them to stick to their healthy eating goals. On the bright side, 75% even said that they’ve influenced their partner to lead a healthier life overall.

Another 77% said their partner positively influenced their overall life and wellbeing, helping 62% of survey respondents eat healthier, and 59% exercise more often.

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SOURCE: Study Finds, Ben Renner