Ryan Bomberger on Billboard Companies Promote Abortion But Censor Pro-Life Messages in Black Communities

(Courtesy of Ryan Scott Bomberger)

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Censorship. It’s everywhere.

Mainstream media daily silences opposition. Social media giants suppress content and suspend accounts at alarming rates. But the form of free speech suppression that goes largely unnoticed is very public. We’re surrounded by it. Our roadways are adorned with billboards selling services, products and worldviews.

When it comes to abortion, outdoor advertising companies are increasingly promoting pro-abortion lies while banning pro-life truths.

Ten years ago, the organization my wife and I founded — The Radiance Foundation  — was the first to launch public ad campaigns that confronted the leading killer in the black community. Abortion outnumbers the top fifteen causes of death combined yet is celebrated by the Left as “healthcare.” Our TooManyAborted.com billboard campaigns (“Black Children Are An Endangered Species”, “Black and Beautiful”, and “Fatherhood Begins in the Womb”) highlighted the fact that more black babies were being aborted than born alive by an industry birthed in eugenic racism and elitism. We highlighted sources of help (pregnancy centersmaternity homesfatherhood mentoring programs) and exposed the unaltered DNA of Planned Parenthood. We caused a media firestorm. It was surreal. Pro-abortion activists tried, in vain, to tear down our billboards or have CBS Outdoor (now Outfront) remove them. They failed.

Then, the outdoor advertising companies became the activists.

In 2018, Outfront and ClearChannel refused to allow our latest WhatAbortionReallyIs.com messaging which included text-only billboards that individually stated: “Abortion is Lost Fatherhood”, “Abortion is Regret”, “Abortion is Fake Health”, “Abortion is Systemic Racism” and “Abortion is Fake Feminism”. Outfront Vice President, Patrick J. Smith, wrote in an email: “These are not going to be approved. We find them to be in the nature of attack ads and to be unnecessarily provocative and insensitive.”

These are the same folks that put up PETA billboards and pornographic strip club ads. But ok.

Our campaign was in response to Outfront’s approved pro-abortion billboards aimed at the black community in Dallas declaring: “Abortion is Self-Care.

In another Outfront billboard, featuring African-American abortionist Monica McLemore, pregnancy care centers were bogusly attacked for their “abortion deception” (aka medically accurate information about what abortion is and how it impacts mother, father and child).

In Cleveland, Lamar Advertising allowed Preterm — Ohio’s largest abortion business — to place 9 of 16 outrageous pro-abortion billboards in predominantly black neighborhoods. The abortion-peddling signs falsely claimed: “Abortion is a family value”, “Abortion is sacred”, “Abortion is a blessing”, “Abortion is safer than childbirth” and “Abortion is necessary”.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Bomberger