Nurse Shares Her Pro-Life Conversion Story from Helping With Late-Term Abortions to Working in the NICU

A Christian nurse recently spoke about the guilt she has felt for over three decades after working for well-known late-term abortionist Warren Hern, a founding member of the National Abortion Federation who has written a book on how to perform abortions. 

Julie Wilkinson, who worked for Hern for a couple of years during the 1980s before going on to other nursing opportunities, recounted her experiences in Tuesday’s episode of the 40 Days for Life podcast.

The podcast is hosted by 40 Days for Life founder Shawn Carney and former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer.

Wilkinson recalled that Hern — now 81 years old — seemed driven by a “mission” at a time when many abortion doctors seemed to be in the industry for the money.

“He feels passionate about doing abortions. That was clear to me even in the mid-80s,” she explained. “This was something that he sort of feels is a noble cause.”

Hern operates a clinic in Colorado, which is among the eight states that have no limits on abortion, and, along with New Mexico, has clinics that will perform abortions up to 32 weeks and later on a “case by case basis.”

While there has been a push in Colorado to ban abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy, Hern has been written about in the media as a champion for women told late into their pregnancies that their baby might have abnormalities.

Last year, it was reported that Hern helped a mother from New York abort her baby at 32 weeks after the mother was told by a doctor that the unborn child was not “viable.”

But Wilkinson, who assisted Hern in the abortion of children as late as 24 weeks of pregnancy, told the podcast that Hern aborts healthy babies as well.

She recalled one time when a “yuppie” couple wanting to give birth to just one child aborted twins after consulting with Hern. The reason, Wilkinson said, was because twins didn’t “fit their lifestyle.”

She said the pregnancy was 16 weeks old when the twins were aborted.

“[Hern] sort of catered to them because anyone who had a higher level of education was something that appealed to him,” she said.

“He put on the kid gloves, showing them everything. Sadly, they did return and decided that twins weren’t going to fit their lifestyle. They had perfectly healthy twins aborted. We [nurses] were all pretty shocked. Even the counselors, you could tell, we were kind of shaking our heads because [the couple are] fine and they can afford this. But they decided not to.”

Wilkinson said she was a bit “naive” when she took the job at Hern’s family planning clinic. She also considered herself to be a Christian at the time.

According to Wilkinson, she got along with the staff, nurses, and counselors that she worked with. But she remembered Hern not being a “people person.” She added that Hern didn’t seem to express much empathy after conducting abortions.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith