New Tourism Campaign Highlights Black Culture in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond tourism (Source: NBC12)

As Richmond continues to grow so does it’s tourism, which is why a new tourism campaign hopes to highlight the region’s Black culture in art, entertainment, food and history.

BLK RVA is the latest campaign created by Richmond Region Tourism and is a collaborative effort with Black community leaders to increase tourism and showcase businesses in the community that people see every day but know little about.

“These businesses have the capacity to bring people from worldwide from the City of Richmond, so we’re really excited about being able to celebrate and amplify all of the unique experiences that make Black Richmond stay on the map and be a national draw,” said BLK RVA action team member, Free Egunfemi Bangura.

Throughout history, Richmond has played a major role in African American history with it being the center for domestic slaves, home to the Harlem of the South and the gateway to new modern-day Black culture.

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Source: NBC12