Michael Brown on Why I’m Not Upset With Mitt Romney’s ‘Guilty’ Vote

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Before you crucify me for not condemning “the traitor,” please hear me out. My position has nothing to do with whether I agree with Romney’s “guilty” vote on the first article of impeachment. And it has nothing to do with whether I believe he is a true conservative. Or even a loyal Republican for that matter. It has to do with something far deeper. Are you willing to hear me out?

I’m quite aware of the litany of charges against Mitt Romney’s past political record and business dealings (see here  and here and here and here). And I’m quite aware that this track record would seem to clash directly with Senator Romney’s deep, Mormon faith.

I’m also quite aware of Romney’s very public attacks on Trump since 2016.

In other words, I write what I write with my eyes wide open.

And with my eyes wide open, I take Mitt Romney at his word.

I believe him when he says that he agonized over his decision.

I believe him when he says that he took his oath before God seriously.

I believe him when he speaks of sleepless nights.

I believe him when he talks of wanting to act with integrity for the sake of his children and grandchildren.

The bottom line is that God alone knows what is in Mitt Romney’s heart, and it is not up to you or me to pass judgment on why he (or anyone else) did what he did. We can categorically differ with his decisions. But we cannot judge his motivations.

On a purely practical level, what Romney did will be far more destructive to his political career. And he certainly doesn’t need to write a bestselling, anti-Trump to make himself extra money.

Romney has subjected himself to isolation within his own party. He has likely doomed any future political plans. And he has guaranteed that he will be hated and vilified by millions of loyal Trump supporters in the years ahead.

That’s why I’m not upset with him for voting his conscience, since I genuinely believe that’s exactly what he did.

Ironically, the very people who will believe President Trump when he speaks of the motivations behind his Ukraine phone call will not believe Senator Romney when he speaks of the motivations behind his vote.

Really now, do you believe his private meetings with journalists and broadcasters and his talks with other senators were all an act and a sham? Or are you that sure that he was so consumed by bitterness towards Trump that he used this as a lasting “gotcha” moment?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown