J. Lee Grady on Brazil Has Become a Global Hot Spot for Revival

The Send Brasil 2020. Image: @looreentz / Instagram

Brazilians are known for being loud, fun-loving and passionate. That might be a stereotype, but it seems to match a spiritual trend that is rocking South America’s largest country. Last weekend, an estimated 140,000 Brazilian young people made some serious noise when they jammed into three stadiums in the cities of Sao Paulo and Brasilia.

“Brazilians are the happiest people in the world. We party for anything!” said Felipe Amorim, 29, who was born in Brazil but has lived in Florida most of his life. He and his wife attended The Send in Sao Paulo last week because they heard that a huge spiritual revival is growing there. “Seeing people worshipping Jesus in Brazil was a huge joy for me,” Amorim added.

The Send is a movement designed to mobilize the next generation for global missionary work. So many young people registered for the event at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo that a second venue had to be secured. Word on the street was that the event sold out faster than the U2 concert held in the same arena in 2017. Organizers said 1.7 million people watched The Send on the Portuguese livestream.

At the rally at the National Stadium the capital city of Brasilia, the nation’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, showed up and announced that Brazil belongs to God. Young people cheered when he told them he is a believer in Jesus.

Although Brazil has struggled with socialism, poverty and political scandal for decades, there are noticeable positive trends these days. Churches are growing, and huge numbers of youth are fueling a passionate revival movement that is spilling into the streets. President Bolsonaro, who was elected in 2018, is a cultural conservative whose policies have triggered a reviving economy as well as a crackdown on crime.

And even though well-known preachers like Daniel Kolenda, Francis Chan, Christine Caine, Todd White, Randy Clark and dozens of Brazilian leaders spoke at the event in Sao Paulo on February 8, Amorim said the growing revival in Brazil isn’t about personalities. “There will not be one person or one ministry leading this revival,” he said. “It’s God leading it with ordinary people.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News