It is Time for Joel Osteen and T. D. Jakes to Man Up and Step Up and Take Control of the Redemption Church/Relentless Church Demonic Disaster and Pull This Out of the Civil Court and Put it in the Church Court and Resolve This Christ/Church Embarrassing Fiasco

Normally, when the people of God allow the devil to get in the midst of a situation through pride, sin, and dishonesty, it becomes very convoluted and full of confusion and then it begins to unravel to the point where the former thing that probably was of God is not even recognizable and this is what has happened with the Redemption Church/Relentless Church debacle. As Relentless Church employee Jacob Johnson, who left Lakewood Church in Houston to join John Gray’s team in Greenville, basically said in the third video, God was in it in the beginning, but pride, sin, and dishonesty has brought it to this.

Black Christian News Network One (BCNN1) does not have the time nor the interest to give a blow-by-blow report on what we know is a devil-inspired, convoluted, unraveling mess. We have and do give initial news about such situations and one or two follow-ups. That is pretty much as far as we are going to go with it because after that you start getting into the weeds of foolishness.

Even though we disagree with some of the things that Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live says in his monologues and reporting, nobody, in our opinion, deals with the blow-by-blow reporting of these messy church situations like he does. Whether you love him, like him, or hate him, we believe we can speak for the respected Christian Post and Black Christian News Network One (BCNN1) that we have used some of his reporting because some things have gotten so out of hand in the church and so demonically ridiculous that somebody has to do the painful, nasty job that Larry Reid is doing, and when we can, we use some of his reporting because he uses credible sources such as court documents. In light of the Scripture, “judgment must begin at the house of God”, and because we have to be honest and transparent before a dying and lost world about the mess in the church, we have to recognize that there are some people who are actually called to do this kind of work and we believe that Larry Reid is called to do this. Now, some of the crazy things that he says regarding stuff that is gossip, regarding sex, and made-up curse words, we don’t support that, but in things where the devil has gotten in the midst of a church situation and it has unraveled, nobody is more gifted in explaining this mess in a blow-by-blow fashion than Larry Reid. So, we give you three videos that he has done over the last week dealing with this sad, unfortunate situation.

The reason why we are calling on Joel Osteen and T. D. Jakes to get involved in a public and out-front way is because this is going to be a mess that goes on throughout the year and maybe even beyond and it needs to end now. These two prominent pastors were there at the beginning laying hands on John Gray and agreeing with Ron Carpenter that this was of God. Now, they need to get involved at the end of this thing to shut it down. One of the sad things that has happened down through the past 30 years is when so-called “pastoral fathers” who basked in their sons’ gifting and talent, and even generated millions of dollars off their sons’ gifting, talent, and ability, but as soon as they mess up they pull back from them and we don’t hear anything from them because they follow the advice of their PR people who tell them, “This is the Titanic, don’t get near it,” when, in fact, we need to see those same “pastoral fathers” who basked in their sons’ glory, gifting, and talent and when the money was flowing in, when he foolishly messes up with pride, sin, and dishonesty to come and help him get out of a bad situation and hire him back where he came from. For the truth of the matter is, some gifted, talented young men are good at being a second man but not the first man. They are good at being a relief pitcher but not the main marquee pitcher. They are good at being a pinch hitter but not the main hitter. They are a good second man, but they are not equipped to be the first man even though everybody thought they would be.

What probably needs to happen at this point and what Joel Osteen and T. D. Jakes need to facilitate with the quickness is for Ron Carpenter to not only get his building back but get all of the people back who want to stay even the ones that came in under John Gray and for John Gray to humble himself and resign and to admit that he messed up with pride, sin, and dishonesty as he has admitted to Larry Reid, and move back to Houston or get a second man job position under T. D. Jakes. But whatever is the conclusion of this matter, it needs to conclude now because in the words of the crazy but gifted Larry Reid, “This is a whole mess.”

— BCNN1 Editors