Health Officials Say U.S. is Experiencing Worst Flu Season for Children in 10 Years and Warns Second Wave of Influenza is Spreading

Creator: © Brian Snyder / Reuters

It’s been a bad flu season for children nationwide and now officials say there is a second wave of influenza spreading. Pennsylvania has more than 72,000 confirmed cases of the flu, which is just a small reflection of the number of people who are sick.

The flu can be dangerous for children, especially if they have a weakened immune system or have not been vaccinated.

Dr. Aditi Joshi, with Jefferson Health, says it’s easily spread in schools.

“Because it’s very contagious, it can live on surfaces for a few hours even if you’re not there and if you don’t wash your hands, it tends to be very contagious for that reason, so kids tend to get it a lot,” Dr. Joshi said.

The CDC says this is one of the worst flu seasons for children. Ninety-two have died since last fall, which is the highest total at this point in the season in the past decade.

There is now a second wave of flu cases.

Overall, about 14,000 Americans have died from the flu this season.

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SOURCE: CBS Philadelphia, Stephanie Stahl