Former Nixon Aide Wallace Henley on The Presidency is Under Siege and It’s Bad for the Nation

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“Dems Vow To Impeach Trump Again Even If He Wins 2020 Election — And They Could Succeed,” reads a headline in the International Business Times.

Donald Trump’s legions of enemies are doing the nation no great service by laying siege to his presidency.

I have worked in a White House under siege, and it’s not pretty — for either side, and especially the country.

In 1969, as Nixon’s aides were setting up the new administration, they could still remember the riot-fueled fires burning mere blocks from the White House just months before.

In fact, inner cities across America were aflame. Nixon’s young team felt if they did not stop the assault, the nation would fall. Rarely has there been a better example of “you had to have been there.” The view from inside the White House is drastically different from that looking in.

Studies show that people suffering the siege mentality see themselves as heroic victims, become paranoid, and share a distorted groupthink.

The siege mentality in the Nixon White House resulted in actions that ultimately brought down the president, unwittingly by his own people.

The belief surged through Nixon’s campaign organization and seeped into the White House that perhaps Fidel Castro was helping finance the campaign of Senator George McGovern, Nixon’s opponent in the 1972 presidential race. A team decided to break into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate complex and bug phones to confirm Castro’s alleged involvement.

Ironically, just as the Democrats in the Trump era tried to prove Russian maneuvering for Trump in 2016, so, in 1972, some Republicans hoped to prove Castro’s collusion with McGovern.

The would-be buggers were caught, and the Watergate scandal swept down on Washington and the nation.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wallace Henley