Fay Voshell on Christian Hospitality Does Not Have to Affirm Insanity of Transgenderism

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Hospitality is a Christian virtue, and all who follow Christ are urged to covet that virtue, for we are told it is possible that in exercising hospitality, we are entertaining angels unaware.  Christians are also called to lovingly proclaim the gospel of salvation to all, irrespective of persons. 

However, there are a number of evangelical and reformed spokesmen and women who are urging Christians to be hospitable in a peculiar way toward people who are calling themselves “transgender.” The idea put out by some is that it is hospitable to address transgenders by their preferred pronouns; to give respect to the trans culture that affirms one can determine one’s self to be the opposite of the sex with which one is born.  The argument is that by using the pronouns preferred by those who are convinced their sexual being is self-conferred rather than given, Christians thereby demonstrate the love of Christ by accepting the self-proclamation of that person as legitimate.

Therefore, Christians’ hospitality is supposed to include speaking of a male who perceives himself to be female as “she;” using the made-up pronouns of “ze, zim and zir” if those are the desired form of address; or using “they” as a generic term for a “transgender.”

But affirming a language that ratifies mental disorders is not an act of hospitality.  On the contrary, affirming the idea that a human being can transition to the sex other than that with which he or she is born is a cruel denial of reality and an added assault against a person already committed to self-harm.

Does naming the new “hospitality” as cruelty disguised as kindness and compassion ruffle some feathers among those who have declared themselves so loving their love exceeds the love of the Creator who made the human race male and female and declared it good?

Let’s be frank. Encouraging a person who has given him or herself a new sexual identity and going along with all the ramifications attendant to that invented identity is to affirm the great harm that person will do to him or herself.  It is to encourage them to proceed with life destroying measures such as taking dangerous drugs and subjecting themselves to surgical mutilation.

Is such affirmation of mental illness and denial of reality the way of Christ?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Fay Voshell

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