Chuck Bentley on What Can Christians Learn from Davos?

Dear Chuck,

I have a jaundiced eye about the World Economic Forum’s view of the world. What are the economic issues that concern you?

Not impressed with Davos

Dear Not Impressed,

While the World Economic Forum has its shortcomings, it may surprise you that I think there is some good that comes out of Davos each year that is helpful to Christians.

What I find helpful to learn from Davos is what the world’s elite are concerned about. While I may or may not agree with their solutions, they often surface issues that merit our attention. Here are two of the many issues they are concerned about that caught my attention. Following these, I give a list of my economic concerns.

Disruptive Technology – Heaven or Hell

History expert, Yuval Harari, issued a stern warning about three global risks ending with his perspective of the ever growing and expanding invasion of technology:

“In Davos we hear so much about the enormous promises of technology – and these promises are certainly real. But technology might also disrupt human society and the very meaning of human life in numerous ways, ranging from the creation of a global useless class to the rise of data colonialism and of digital dictatorships.

“The twin revolutions of infotech and biotech are now giving politicians the means to create heaven or hell, but the philosophers are having trouble conceptualizing what the new heaven and the new hell will look like. And that’s a very dangerous situation.

“If we fail to conceptualize the new heaven quickly enough, we might be easily misled by naïve utopias. And if we fail to conceptualize the new hell quickly enough, we might find ourselves entrapped there with no way out.”

There is certainly an ominous concern and interesting choice of metaphors in Dr. Harari’s perspective. Fortunately, we are not looking to technology as our Savior.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Chuck Bentley