Christian Makeup Line EverBe Aims to Encourage Women to Embrace Who God Says They Are by Inscribing Verses on Its Products

New beauty brand ‘EverBe’ is first-ever makeup line to affirm a woman’s God-given Identity, 2020 | Icon Media Group

A new makeup line called EverBe is drawing inspiration from Scripture by inscribing verses on their products to encourage women to embrace who they are in God. 

Pegged as the “first-ever makeup line to affirm a woman’s God-given identity,” EverBe was created by Candice Coffey, a former elementary school teacher who followed God’s instruction and created an array of beauty products.

The collection features a variety of colors of lip butters, eye shadows, a bronzer and highlighter sticks, each with a different word from verses in Psalm 34 written on them, such as “Favored, Fruitful, Pure, Humble, Radiant and Redeemed.”

The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with Coffey in which she shares her goals for EverBe and desire to inspire women while combating the hyper-sexualized messages constantly aimed at them.

Candice Coffey create new beauty brand ‘EverBe’ is first-ever makeup line to affirm a woman’s God-given Identity, 2020 | Icon Media Group

 Christian Post: Where did the idea of EverBe come from?  

Coffey: The idea for EverBe actually came in a dream. I spent much of 2018 seeking the Lord about my own purpose. I so longed for an opportunity to be used for His Kingdom. I told Him that I didn’t want my life to be “comfortable,” and I asked Him for a calling and purpose that was unique, that didn’t look like everyone else’s.

What I’ve realized since then is that all of our individual callings are unique to us if we are truly seeking God’s plan, and not “borrowing” callings from those around us.

One night I had a dream about being in a department store, and in front of me was a long makeup counter. I reached down and picked up a tube of black and gold lipstick that had “Psalm 34” written on the side. I then began picking up other compacts that also had Scripture written on them. The next morning, I immediately went to Psalm 34 (in The Passion Translation), and as I was reading His Word, the Lord showed me that He wanted me to create a new beauty brand, drawing on this portion of Scripture as inspiration. That is how EverBe was born.

CP: Why do you think it’s important for beauty to be reclaimed? 

Coffey: Now, more than ever, our culture says that a woman’s beauty and value are reflected only by her sexuality. But every woman wants to feel beautiful, loved, and know she has purpose.

EverBe is a call for women to rise above culture’s definition of beauty, and discover that their worth and true identity is found only in their Creator — their Heavenly Father — and what He says about them.

We can tell our girls that beauty comes from within, but words alone will not solve the problem of poor self-worth. We have to pair experiences with those messages. EverBe is a tangible act that reminds a woman to speak, apply, and be what our Father has said we are in his Word.

CP: How did you decide on choosing Psalm 34 as the chapter for the line?

Coffey: The Lord clearly gave me this Psalm in the dream. He applied His Word to a problem in our culture.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law