Why This Christian CNN Writer Says It Isn’t Always Enough to Just Pray Depression Away

LaKeisha Fleming—known for her writing on CNN and her work in the film industry, including with Tyler Perry Studios—says it’s not enough to just “pray” depression away. It’s almost paradoxical to some Christians that someone can both have Jesus and have depression, but Fleming says that it is possible, and it’s OK. We just have to make sure we continue to stay close to God and in Christian fellowship.

Her journey with depression started after she had miscarriages and only continued as her husband lost his job and more bad things seemed to pile on, one after another.

“I will say that sometimes prayer is not always enough,” Fleming says. “However, that absolutely does not negate the power of prayer. Prayers are a pivotal component in every arena of our lives, and especially when we’re suffering and dealing with sickness and other traumas and tragedies. But a strong believer in God with strong faith in Jesus can deal with depression, because we’re human. …

“And I feel like for the journey from depression, anxiety, fear, sickness, whatever you’re dealing with—that journey from that place to healing just involves being honest with God, honest with yourself, then starting to seek help and solutions and medicine, supplements. Some people have operations for sicknesses, even therapy, physical therapy, psychological therapy. We’re blessed that God has given us a multitude of resources, in addition to prayer, to us. And so now it’s our job to find what resources will help me go from this place to wholeness.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News