Top 10 Web Design Courses for Students

Website design and development are the two leaders in the technology world nowadays. Because of this, design skills are in high demand all across the world, not to mention the many freelance opportunities available for digital nomads on the web.

As a result, more and more students choose to undertake web design courses and training. With the myriad of online web design courses available at the moment, you don’t have to study web design or development to get proper training in the field. You can do this on the side, too, giving you one great skill to succeed in today’s world.

Speaking of courses, you need to choose the best created, most effective web design course if you want to master the material fast and easy. In the list below, you’ll find the best online web design courses of 2020.

1. The Complete Graphic Design Theory for Beginners

This may seem like a strange choice considering that this is a list of the best online web design courses, but you have to start somewhere. If you like design, you need to know the basics of graphic design, preferably have them as a foundation before you get domain-specific.

Udemy’s course on graphic design has only 5, 5 hours of content, making it the perfect tool for getting proper introduction to the world of design, beginner level.

Based on its contents, this course is fitting for only beginners. If you have some knowledge of colour theory, typography, composition, user experience, and layout – skip this course and move to the next ones.

2. Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML and CSS

For all those who aren’t really interested in spending an entire year studying a course in coding, this is the perfect alternative. Brad Schiff, the trainer in the popular web design course has created an excellent introduction into HTML and CSS coding.

Programming languages are the core of web design and for over 26,000 students, this was the starting point for learning. The course has a great deal of positive reviews and has duration of 9 months. It’s a self-paced course that you can take at any time to learn how to add CSS3 effects, create website layouts, animations, and other features that make for a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

3. Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization

Udemy is definitely the top source of web design courses this year. There are many alternatives to it, but our next choice is once again, a course you can find on this popular site.

Now, our third choice is a course created by Isaac Rudansky. This course teaches conversion rate optimization tips for landing pages. Instead of focusing on the broad aspect of web design principles and tools, this course focuses on conversion only.

If you choose this, expect to spend around 10 hours on its content and cover topics such as persuasion framework (reciprocal concession, scarcity, cognitive dissonance theory, etc.), headlines and calls to actions, action block design, etc.

4. Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

Seth Godin is an excellent lecturer and the author of this very popular course. The course teaches you to find clients, build a brand from the ground up online, and find an amazing freelancing career.

Seeing how freelancing is now one of the most popular options among web designers and a very lucrative profession among young people in general, you definitely want to get your hands on such a course.

There are plenty of freelancing opportunities available online at this point: for web designers, graphic designers, translators, essay helper online, typography experts, and whatnot.

5. Master Photoshop for Web Design

LinkedIn has an amazing course to give you – lessons on web design by using one of the most popular tools – Adobe Photoshop. Many web designers nowadays use Adobe for work. You might need to shape your skills for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign later on, but you definitely need to start with the most used – Photoshop.

6. Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture

A professor from the California Institute of Art, Roman Jaster, is the source of the next amazing course on our list. His course focuses on user research, usability, prototyping, design testing, and information architecture. It has a comprehensive curriculum that makes it perfect for those with at least some knowledge or experience in graphic design. If you are interested to learn about some great UX and UI strategies, this is what you use to add them to your skill set.

7. Design Rules: Principles + Practices for Great UI Design

Design is something that’s best learned through practice and attempts. That being said, designers make many mistakes when they start. But, why waste your time on making the most common mistakes, when you can read about them and avoid them in the first place?

The instructor of this course provides you with exactly that – the many mistakes designers make, as well as a great deal of tips that will help you learn the design principles. Joe Natoli is an extraordinary instructor with over two decades of experience in the field, and he has managed to create a course that’s definitely worth spending your time on.

8. Advanced Styling with Responsive Design

Are you having some troubles understanding layouts and grids and columns? Well then, this is the best course for you. It requires some basic knowledge of CSS and HTML from those who pursue it so, if you don’t have any experience, you’re better off starting with some of the first course choices in this list before you move on to this one.

Yes, the CSS and HTML code taught here is very basic, but you need to know how to use the design in code before you start learning this information. It’s a great tool to revise and round up the current skills, and it covers the most popular responsive grid systems, such as Twitter’s bootstrap system.

9. Introduction to Typography

Coursera has truly amazed me with this particular course’s quality. Their courses are popular and widely used, but this specific course is exceptionally well-done. It is succinct and detailed and teaches the basics of typography. If you go through with it, you’ll learn about different typefaces and discover their aesthetics and historical histories. Moreover, the 8-hour course teaches the best practices known in typesetting and based on spatial organization and hierarchy principles.

10. Responsive Web Design Fundamental by Google

Udacity has provided users with a great tool for learning about responsive web design, created by Pete LePage, a Google expert, and Cameron Pittman, a fantastic web developer. This course will take your current knowledge about web design and turn it into a more developed understanding of how websites really work.

This last course on our list captures everything from web design to web responsiveness. By enrolling in it, you’ll get the chance to create your own layout with CSS media queries and viewport tag, experiment with different breakpoints, all within the course’s duration of two weeks.


Are you ready to hop on the online learning train and build your skills to the level you wish? These courses will give you great basics for starting an amazing web design career. Good luck!

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