Loneliness is a Serious Issue in the Pro-life Movement

This Sunday, January 19 is National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in the United States. It’s close to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark court case that legalized abortion on January 22, 1973.

Life Matters Worldwide is one of many ministries working to end abortion and support women in crisis pregnancies. Eric Verstraete, President of Life Matters, says they want to address a specific concern in the pro-life movement: loneliness.

Loneliness in Crisis Pregnancies

For women and men facing crisis pregnancies, abortion is a desperate decision. Most women seeking abortion are scared and feel very alone.

Verstraete encourages the Church to remember that the goal of pro-life ministry is not just to end abortion, but to love these lonely, scared women and be Jesus to them.

“Abortion is a horrible thing that happens in our country day-in and day-out. But behind this decision is a story,” Verstraete reminds. “Each one of us has a story and each person who’s struggling with thinking about having an abortion also has a story.

“So as [we] begin to think about life, think about the people behind the stories. Think about people who are hurting, who are trying to decide right now whether or not to have an abortion. Each one of those people has value.”

Loneliness in Ministry

Life Matters discovered there is also great loneliness among pro-life workers.

“We recently did a survey and we found that of the folks that we have the privilege of working with, about 60 percent of those who responded to our survey said that they feel lonely in ministry. To me, this just cannot happen. These frontline warriors who day-in and day-out are putting themselves in the fray to really stand for life, they feel lonely, they feel like they’re not connected and that’s a problem.”

Their solution is two-fold. First, Life Matters is working to better support and connect pro-life workers and pregnancy care centers.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for the Church to be united in affirming the God-given value of all life.
  • Ask God to uplift women and men facing crisis pregnancies, pro-life ministry workers, and the elderly and terminally/chronically ill in our churches.
  • Pray for opportunities to minister to the lonely and share Christ’s love.