Ken and Lesa Henderson Share the Importance of Praising God Even If You Lose Everything

(Photo by Stefan Widua on Unsplash)

Ministers Ken and Lesa Henderson recall a time when, after the economic recession of 2008, they lost everything. Yet they chose to continuously praise God despite their circumstances.

“We got sucked down in that financial collapse and we were really struggling,” Lesa says. “We lost our cars, our houses, absolutely everything. We had our furniture still, but we lost our homes. We were renting a place. It wasn’t a very good place. But we were grateful to have shelter.

“And we were actually driving around in our youngest daughter’s little beetle bug that we had bought her earlier. It was her first car. We called it Superman. It was bright red with yellow fenders, yellow hubcaps and blue on the door handles and mirrors. … She was gracious enough to let her parents borrow her car because her parents didn’t have a car. … But I remember we just kept trying to work on our faith and have a good testimony and a good word that we would speak. But praising God was very important during that time.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News