Hundreds Pay Respects to the Late Bishop Clarence E. Moore, Including T.D. Jakes and Angela Winbush

It was a homegoing service that most have never seen in the small town of Bluefield, West Virginia. Hundreds filled seats inside of Greater Mt. Zion Pentecostal Church to honor the beloved Bishop Clarence E. Moore.

“He was a man of many. He was a regular man, he walked tall and he spoke light. He encouraged us to be the best that we could be,” Vivian Anderson said.

The day of fellowship included praise through song, and remarks from those who knew him best.

“Anytime that I had some type of problem that I thought was sensitive, he was my rock,” Bluefield Chief of Police, D.M. Dillow said.

“He really filled in when people didn’t have a father, or a uncle, or a brother,” a family friend said.

“I didn’t have any dress shoes, and I remember Bishop taking me out to get me some shoes. I didn’t have anything,” another person added.

Moore started his ministry in Bluefield after retiring from the coal mines in Gary, West Virginia. He left lessons and a legacy for those who have stepped forward following his footsteps.

“This family has a place where they can actually put a book together about this man’s life. There’s enough pictures and videos. He was a great preacher, and in order to be a great preacher you have to be a great person who prays,” Pastor Garry D. Moore, Sr. of Scott Street Baptist Church said.

Moore touched the lives of many, including Bishop T.D. Jakes, John Legend and his family, Angela Winbush and more.

Phyllis stephens- singer, john legend’s mother

“He and my father were close friends. My father use to come to West Virginia to preach for him, and as we were growing up my dad would invite him to Springfield, Ohio to preach for us. Back then they didn’t stay in hotels they stayed in our homes, and we got to know him, and we love him,” the mother of Grammy-Award Winner, John Legend, Ms. Phyllis Stephens said.

“He touched my life in a amazing way, and I will never forget Bishop Clarence,” Bishop T.D. Jakes said.

“He was my referral. I had him in my black-book on speed dial, because when we witness to people we somebody that’s authentic,” 80’s hit Singer, Angela Winbush said.

“He was one of the most exceptional human beings that I have ever met in my life. Not only from a distance, but very close. He was my confidant, my confessor, and I loved him like a son,” Bishop Noel Jones.

Bishop Clarence E. Moore died on January 1, 2020. He was 89 years old.

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Source: WVVA