Hundreds of Lives Saved Through 2 Ultrasound Machines at Missouri Clinic

Alma and her daughter share a light moment with Greenspoint Pregnancy Assistance Center director Flora Lopez. Photo by Sandy Ward

Amory’s life changed forever when she saw those two blue lines on the pregnancy test. Thinking it was a false positive, she took it again, and again, three more times.

Amory had just finished graduate school, accepted her first job as a speech-language pathologist, moved into her own apartment and finally found a guy who she believed liked her back. However, their relationship was rocky, and Amory had no idea how he would react to the idea of being a father. Although in that moment, Amory’s life as she knew it seemed to crash down, her story did not end there.

Terrified of potential judgement and ridicule and almost too afraid to even seek help, she scheduled an appointment with Liberty Women’s Clinic in Kansas City.

Amory’s clinic nurse was Missy. Missy treated her with kindness, respect and grace, providing not only information, but hope.

Thanks to the ultrasound machine at Liberty Women’s Clinic, Amory saw her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. The emotions that flooded her heart were surreal, overwhelming. She knew she was going to be a mother. There was no doubt she was keeping her baby.

Ryder entered the world, and Amory says he brings her incomparable joy. When he says “I love you” she cannot imagine her life any other way.

Amory’s story is not uncommon for recipients of the ministry of pregnancy care clinics.

Ultrasound technology is often referred to as a window into the womb, for it gives mothers a vivid picture of the life they carry inside them.

‘Teetering on the edge’

For the past 16 years the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention has donated ultrasound units to clinics like the Liberty Women’s Clinic across the country through the Psalm 139 Project. So far, the project has funded and placed 20 machines.

The machines are fully funded through direct monetary gifts to Psalm 139. and through the Cooperative Program, Southern Baptists’ unified giving plan to support national and international ministry causes. The machines’ impact is powerful. The ERLC provides the administrative oversight, including receiving and allocating the funds and all promotional costs, as a part of its ongoing, Cooperative Program funded ministry.

Bobby Reed, chief financial officer of the ERLC, said the project is a very practical way for those passionate about the sanctity of human life to get involved and make a real difference.

“A lot of times people who become passionate about it, their follow-up question is ‘Well, what can I do?'” Reed said. “One way to be involved in valuing human life is to be involved in the Psalm 139 Project.”

Individuals can invest personally in saving lives, in ministering to mothers just like Amory. The money donated to the project goes directly to funding a machine placement and therefore, to saving lives.

But the lives that are to be valued also reach beyond the womb, Reed said. “It also goes to the orphan or the foster child who needs a home. There’s a dual messaging there. Not only does that center help babies who are in their mother and need life, but they’re also helping moms who are scared for their very lives.”

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Source: Baptist Press