Christian Tennessee Man Says He Has Been Blessed After He Quit His Job When 666 Showed Up on His Tax Form

Walter Slonopas. Courtesy photo

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) — Walter Slonopas has a simple philosophy of life.

Do one small thing for God.

And God, he says, will take care of the rest.

“If you do something for God, I believe that God never leaves you alone,” he said.

Slonopas made headlines worldwide in 2012 when he quit his job at a Clarksville company over the number 666 appearing on his W2 tax form. The number — which is mentioned in the Book of Revelation — had previously shown up on his ID badge twice.

Accepting that number, Slonopas felt at the time, would have been disrespectful to God. He still feels the same way.

“I knew it was the devil’s mark and I could not accept it,” he told Religion News Service during a recent interview.

Quitting his job turned out pretty well for Slonopas, now 59.

A few months after he quit, he got a job offer and a raise in pay from another local company.  He eventually made $12 more an hour than his previous work. Meanwhile, his former employer shut down its Clarksville facility not long after he left.

He doesn’t think the notoriety surrounding his departure had anything to do with the factory closing. Slonopas said it was a difficult decision to leave. But he was glad for a chance to do the right thing. And in the end, Slonopas said, God did not forget him.

“Looks like I got my blessing,” he said, with a smile on his face and twinkle in his eye.

Slonopas felt at times that people misunderstood his reasons for leaving his old job. When the story first made headlines, he spent time reading some of the comments left by readers at news websites.

Most commenters — even some of his fellow Christians — thought he was an idiot, he said. And he was disappointed that so many of the commentators didn’t seem to share his beliefs about God.

His decision was more about being faithful than about claiming his former employer had done something evil. It wasn’t that the 666 on his tax form was what the Bible calls “the mark of the beast” — which some Christians see as a sign of the end times — he said. But he called it “the Devil’s number” and felt that he would betray God by accepting it.

Slonopas said that since as a Christian he works for God, he couldn’t stay at the job.

“If you believe in God,” he said, “you have to resist a devil.”

Slonopas said that at first, he enjoyed doing interviews about his story. But that got old pretty quickly. Being famous, he said, is for the birds.

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Source: Religion News Service