China Teaches Schoolchildren That Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong Are ‘Thugs and Separatists, Incited by Foreign Forces’

The Chinese Communist Party is seeking to instill loyalty in the country’s youth and reject “wrong ideas and ideology” by teaching schoolchildren that those fighting for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong are “thugs and separatists, incited by foreign forces.”

According to religious liberty magazine Bitter Winter, in October of last year, students in a high school of Fuzhou, the capital of the southeastern province of Fujian, were instructed to buy the recent issue of Current Affairs, a journal published by the CCP’s Publicity Department to be used as supplementary teaching material for schools.

Schools in China are government-controlled, and therefore Communist in ideology.

One topic highlighted in the issue was the protests in Hong Kong, with demonstrators portrayed as “thugs and separatists, incited by foreign forces.”

An article titled “Who Is Behind Hong Kong Riots” criticizes the United States, claiming that “There are many American faces among the violent protesters. Organizations abroad not only instructed the violent activities, but some of them even participated in these vicious attacks.”

One teacher from Fuzhou told the outlet that school instructors have to integrate topics as described in the Current Affairs into their lessons to help students develop “the sense of ethnic identity and nationality.”

Additionally, teachers are told to convince young people to support the Chinese government’s decisions on issues concerning Hong Kong.

“Our teachers told us that the topic of Hong Kong would be included in college entrance exams. We could get high scores if we know it well,” a high school student told Bitter Winter. “We must learn whatever we are taught, right or wrong, true or false so that we could get into colleges. We must learn whatever the government tells us to learn.”

Hong Kong has been embroiled by more than seven months of protests sparked by a now withdrawn extradition bill that would have transferred individuals accused of crimes to mainland China for trial or extradition.

The protests have since escalated into a larger fight against authorities and Chinese rule in addition to calling for democracy, amnesty for the thousands of demonstrators who’ve been arrested, and an independent investigation into police actions.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett