Biblical Prophecy ‘Fulfilled’ as Floodwater ‘Flows From Jerusalem Into Dead Sea’

Bible prophecy has allegedly been “fulfilled” after an astonishing video showed rivers appearing to flow from Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea – leading to the bizarre claim.

Record-breaking volumes of rain have fallen across Israel, with more than 40cm of rain falling north of Jerusalem in what has broken a 51-year-old record.

Deadly flash floods across the nation have already claimed the lives of a young couple in Tel Aviv.

But a new terrifying video showing a torrent of water appearing and flooding a road has led some to sensationally claim a biblical prophecy is being fulfilled.

The video is said to be taken near the Arugot River (roughly 18 miles of south of Jersualem).

Stunned witnesses stop in their tracks and a car that was about to drive across the road is forced to a halt.

The river then rushes eastwards, towards the Dead Sea, and disappears from sight beneath the crest of the hill.

Breaking Israel News picked up on the video and has linked it to biblical passages in Ezekiel and Genesis.

According to the Bible, the valley where the Dead Sea is now was originally a “well-watered” land before it was destroyed along with Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Source: Daily Star