Best Way to Take Care of Your Cat in Winter

Pictured: K&H Pet Products Heated A-frame Gray/Black 18″ x 14″ 20W Indoor/Outdoor Shelter

When temperatures drop during fall and winter months, humans adapt with warm clothing and furnace-generated heat. Even with a furry coat, your cat needs a little extra help in adapting to colder temperatures. There is one simple thing that you can do to provide an ultimate level of comfort for your furry friend. It is also something that your picky kitty might actually be interested in.


Here’s why your cat is going to love you for investing in a heated shelter.

Cats love boxes.

It has been scientifically proven that boxes actually help cats feel less stressed out. They also like to be able to hide themselves, especially from predators. Providing your cat with a fancy box will inevitably invoke some curiosity, making your cat to want to step inside and explore. Once they find the additional comfort of a soft blanket and their own personal heater, they will happily claim it as their new favorite napping spot.

Your cat prefers the tropics.

Do you prefer your home to be around 70 F? So do most humans. According to a 2006 study by the National Research Council, most cat owners keep their thermostat set to an average of 72 F all year long, which is approximately 15-20 colder than your cat’s ideal temperature. The same study also found that a typical domestic cat’s ideal range, where they are not expending extra energy to keep warm or cool down is between 86 to 97 F. This is why one of your cat’s favorite pastimes is sunbathing.

You’ll be happy too.

Investing in a heated house for your cat is an energy efficient way to keep your cat happy year-round without breaking the bank on your heating bill or being uncomfortably stuffy in your own home. Since most cat houses are small by design, it will require a fraction of the energy (if any) compared to what it takes to heat your entire home to your cat’s preferred range. And if you’re a human that prefers cooler living temperatures, you’ll rest assured knowing that your cat has a warm place to retreat to when your lap isn’t available.


When shopping for a heated cat house, you’ll notice that there are many shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of features to choose from. Here are the most important things to consider before choosing one for your furry friend.

Look for the MET Safety Label.

Make sure that your heated cat house has been tested for industry standard safety requirements. Look for the MET label, which will ensure you that the manufacturer is in full compliance.

Make sure it has 2 doors.

If your cat house will be used outside, it is vital to have two exit points on opposite ends. This way, if a predator gets inside, your cat will be able to make a quick escape. Even if your cat house is going to be installed indoors, your cat will feel more instinctually at ease, and will probably be more interested in using the house long term.