What John and Aventer Gray Reportedly Said in Their Interview with Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live Following Revelation of Financial Dispute with Ron and Hope Carpenter

John and Aventer Gray

In a new video posted to his channel on Monday, December 9th, Larry Reid of Larry Reid Live shared how he got in contact with Pastor John Gray and wife Aventer Gray and interviewed them following the latest unfortunate controversy surrounding them since their move to South Carolina to take over a church led by Pastor Ron and Hope Carpenter. The details of their conversation, as reported by Reid, are below:

The first thing [John Gray] said [when he got on the phone] was “I’m grateful to God for you. By covering this story, these stories, you shook me. God used you to shake me up and to say to me ‘serve God, live holy, and do what’s right.’ When he said it, I almost threw everything in my hand [shouting]. I said “You, say what?” He said, “Mhm. Yes, that’s right.” That’s what he said. “Pride had risen up in me.” Basically, he began to repeat what he said in the pulpit on Sunday. He said, “I was like a wild horse, and I needed to be tamed. I had risen up in pride and I needed to embrace discipline. I needed to embrace a strong prayer life. And I was running wild.”

Now, when I’m saying this, I’m not saying he wasn’t living right or trying to live right. He just was not being what he knows he was supposed to be. He said “it was a shakeup.” He also said this – and I wish they would call in and say it in their own words – “I was not honest and as forthcoming as I should have been to my wife, to my family, and to my church.” He said, “I did say to my church ‘forgive me’ and things of that nature. I could have been more honest.”

Now, let me tell you what was so funny because her [Aventer] butting in when he’s talking is just how it is. [laughter] She busted in and said, “no, you we’re lying, this nigga was lyin.” I [Larry Reid] was screaming, ’cause she said “no, this nigga was lying.” What in the world?! She said, “No, it wasn’t right.” She said, “I was mad.” She began to explain how by the skin of her teeth they stayed together. Because what had actually happened- This is when they explained the car too ’cause she said, “I would have thought the same thing, he’s trying to buy a car to make everything right.” She said, “But the reality is this was something we were just playing with, we didn’t really know that we would get, we were building a car a year before.” She said, “This didn’t have anything to do with that.” She said, “We wasn’t expecting this, then they called us and said if we do this and do that we can get it. We didn’t even know that so that didn’t have anything to do with it.”

And then I started popping questions ’cause everything got light and she told me, she said, “At first when I heard my nickname was “the Avenger,” I had a problem with it.” She said, “I was so hurt. All of them were just so horrible. It was terrible. Being in the spotlight and everybody’s talking about you was the hardest thing. It was terribly hard, and I know it was hard on John, but it was really hard on me. So, when I heard anything that you had put out, when you called me “the Avenger” at first I was so hurt.” She said, “But then when I thought about it,” (and I’m pretty sure somebody may have told her this – you know, what an Avenger is) she said, “and I love the Marvel movies.” She was like, “Yeah, I am the Avenger.” So, I was able to tell her straight to her how she got that name, and I named her that during the whole when he went to the White House thing, ’cause remember she told him not to go and that it may turn into a photo-op and that he shouldn’t have went, that he shouldn’t go. So that’s when she really got that term from me. I said, listen to your darn wife!

And when we were on the phone today, I was really trying to get him to come on. And she was like, “Let’s just tell the whole story; that’s fine, that’s good.” He was like, “I don’t wanna rehash it; I don’t wanna rehash it.” And I understand because right now with all these other stuff going on with the Carpenters he doesn’t even have the heart and the spirit enough to handle that conversation possibly. And she mentioned that and she said that while we’re talking I’m rubbing in his chest and he begins to cry and he begins to tell me again, Thank you for doing the story. She said, of course I was mad. I was upset in the beginning of it but as time went along it’s like God used it to really shake me up and get me focused on what it is I need to do. He said they also was thinking about how there were so many other pastors that had done worse things. He said he did not have sex with that woman at the Stellar award. He said no married man should have any business being in that hotel room with another man she wasn’t married [to]. And The Avenger was like “That’s right. You are exactly right. You were right when you said that.” He said God used all of that to get me; I was not in the space to be where God had called me to do. See when you get away with it one time . . .”

This is another thing I asked the Avenger. I said, “You said on Sister Circle you didn’t know who it was. Then you got on V-103 and said you did know who it was. Now, which one is it?” She said, “I am so glad you ask as it gives me an opportunity to explain.When I was saying what I was saying at that point he hadn’t told me everything — her being in the hotel and all that. None of that I knew. He said he was not as honest as he needed to be.” So she said that she knew about the person and the situation as far as giving money because he would ask, I’m going to send this person from school. Well, now we know I’m not going to say her name because I said I was going to say her name. That’s the only reason why I ain’t say her name. But they said her name so we’re talking about the same person. And he cleared that with his wife. It was like, yeah, she needed help. And she’s done the same thing with her past friends and even her ex. They help these people come to God and we heard from that girl saying that he helped a guy with suicide thoughts and things of that nature.

She said, “It was later on that I realized that I knew the situation.” She said, “By the time I got to V-103, I knew who we were talking about.” So that’s why she said one thing here because I was calling her a liar; which one is it? So she explained that.

Also the girl being in the same hotel as John so allegedly it was like a plan for the girl to be in the hotel with Jon. What happened was she asked where he was. The girl went and got her own room in the hotel. That may not mean a whole lot to you guys, but I’d like to know what the truth is. It was not like he put her in the hotel. She was sort of like over-stepping her boundary. It wasn’t like Jon was not helping her, but she knew that the wife was okay with him helping her as well. And I think they bought her a little car for her to get around for her and her daughter.

I asked every question that I wanted to ask from the personal teh women stuff. I asked those questions and they answered those questions. I’m teling you it was a great opportunity to hear him say what he wanted to say. He said, here is what I think what I’ve always said: I’m glad I was proven right that Jon Gray has a good heart. Jon Gray . . . I think he needs some maturing for the position that he is in.

Bishop Jakes said that he was going to mature while he is was pastoring. I said, I do not think that because of how he has almost messed over these people’s lives. I still stand by that. But I will say I think that he is maturing as he is dealing with this stuff. I do think that. I don’t think it is the best way. In the midst of all of this stuff going on there is casualties, and the whole world is watching now in this information age. Not just he is growing and maturing. I would just say, pastors mature. But it’s not happening before the whole world.


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