WATCH: Pastor John Gray and Relentless Church Give Over $30,000 to Members, Visitors, and Employees to Help Pay Bills in Pre-Christmas Sunday Service

Pastor John Gray speaks during the Vision 2020 event at Relentless Church Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019. (Photo: SABRINA SCHAEFFER/Staff)

Pastor John Gray and Relentless Church gave money to church members, visitors and employees in a Sunday service just before Christmas.

The largest amount, $10,000, was given to a family that was days from having to move out of the area. The gift will help them settle back bills and allow them to stay in Greenville and remain a part of the Relentless family, Gray said.

Some of the gifts were for church employees, to help with medical bills and to reward an employee who recently finished a graduate degree.

In a video of the sermon, Gray stood before his congregation and leafed through a pile of white papers, each a person they would help.

A spokeswoman for Gray said the donations, which were not all publicized, totalled more than $30,000.

In the video, Gray told one congregation member that his medical bills from a motorcycle wreck have been paid off.

Gray’s wife, Pastor Aventer Gray, read off the next paper. A visitor who comes to the church often had her power bill paid, Aventer Gray said.

John Gray said another family had a difficult year, a home lost in a fire and heart surgeries for a man who works security for Relentless. The costs went beyond what insurance covered, Gray said.

“We’re able to pay your $2,200 in medical bills,” Aventer Gray said.

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SOURCE: The Greenville News, Mike Ellis