The House Modesto Church in California Asks for Prayers After Senior Pastor Glen Berteau Suffers Massive Heart Attack and Needs ‘Restoration and Healing of Kidneys, Liver, Brain Function, and More’

Glen Berteau, senior pastor of The House church in Modesto, California. | (Photo: Facebook)

Glen Berteau, senior pastor of The House Modesto in California, suffered a major heart attack last week and now needs some of his major organs to work again. 

The leader of the 8,000 member church suffered a major heart attack on Tuesday and ended up in the ICU.

Senior Associate Pastor Mike Trenton took to social media to notify everyone of the pastor’s condition with permission from Berteau’s wife, Deborah.

“He is still showing slight but continual improvement. The Doctor’s updates have expressed hope for a positive outcome. We need to keep praying for restoration and healing of the kidneys, liver, brain function, and more. There have been little signs along the way that give us hope to believe this will happen in Jesus name,” Trenton wrote on Instagram.

“By faith we believe he will recover and be 100% whole when he does,” he added.

In another online post, Trenton pleaded that people pray specifically for Berteau’s “kidneys and liver” to “begin to function normally. We are believing for a total healing and are praying to that end.”

Pastors across the country are actively praying for the California leader.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law