Southern Baptist Convention Credentials Committee Establishes Online Submissions Portal

The Southern Baptist Convention Credentials Committee has established an online submission portal for reports of a church’s alleged departure from Southern Baptist polity, doctrine or practice.

The new portal is available at, chairman Stacy Bramlett told Baptist Press Monday (Dec. 2), and submissions may be completed online or in print. The website includes the Credentials Committee statement of assignment and a statement of relationship between the Southern Baptist Convention and other Baptist bodies, including local churches.

It also offers an optional support phone call for those who have submitted a report to the Credentials Committee in cases related to abuse. This call would be from an individual outside the committee who is trained to assist victims of sexual or other forms of abuse and will include information about the abuse recovery process and identification of resources in the individual’s local area.

While the form may be used to report concerns related to a church’s handling of sexual abuse, racism and various other pertinent issues, Bramlett cautions that suspicions of recent or current sexual or other forms of abuse should be reported to law enforcement officials.

“The duty to investigate such crimes falls to law enforcement,” she said. “Our committee has no investigative authority or power.”

Messengers to the 2019 SBC Annual Meeting established the committee to receive reports of a church’s suspected departure from Southern Baptist polity, doctrine or practice and to make recommendations to the SBC Executive Committee regarding the possible disfellowship of churches from the SBC.

The Credentials Committee elected Bramlett as chair in July and has met multiple times to establish procedures for conducting its duties, Bramlett told BP.

“While the new bylaw adopted by the messengers established the responsibility of our committee, it did not address many of the logistical details regarding how we would carry out that responsibility. The committee has been working to develop processes that can be used in our work today and in the future” Bramlett said.

“We also agreed on some policies going forward, such as that anonymous submissions against a church cannot be accepted because there must be an individual with whom the committee can communicate if needed. Additionally, our deliberations will remain confidential unless we believe a church should be declared no longer in cooperation with the SBC. At such time we will submit our recommendation to the Executive Committee,” Bramlett said.

Recommendations, when needed, will be reported by the Credentials Committee at SBC Executive Committee meetings in February, June and September. The Credentials Committee will also notify churches and submitters of the status of church inquiries throughout the Credentials Committee inquiry process.

The group “feels the importance and the weight of the responsibility of our task,” Bramlett told BP. “We have pledged to pray for one another as we do this important work. We are especially praying for those who have been impacted by sexual abuse in a church setting.”

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Source: Baptist Press