Sammy Tippit Ministries’ May 2020 Vision for Discipleship in Brazil

Church growth occurs through effective evangelism and long-term discipleship. That’s why Sammy Tippit Ministries is partnering with churches in Brazil to coordinate a month-long series on discipleship and evangelism.

God at Work in Brazil

Sammy Tippit, founder and president of the international evangelistic organization Sammy Tippit Ministries, recently spoke at a Multiplying Church Movement event in Brazil. He spoke to about 1200 pastors from all over about a program for equipping small groups to disciple new believers.

Tippit says, “There’s a great revival taking place in these churches that are involved in this movement. We shared with them the possibility of teaming together for May 2020 through small group discipleship and training people to share the Gospel with their family and friends, with a large evangelistic outreach at the close of that.”

What is May 2020?

Tippit explains that May 2020 is a month-long outreach and discipleship program. It will include a series of discipleship materials and devotions focused on sharing Christ with family and close friends. Sammy Tippit Ministries will offer these devotions throughout the month of May.

At the end of the month, there will be a large outreach event in Brazil. The event will be broadcast online and translated for participants in the program around the world.

Tippit explains, “The emphasis is going to be on the family. It’s 31 days of praying for your family and reaching out to your family and sharing Christ with your family and your close friends. So what we’re doing is in the circle of people that you have contact [with], we’re starting with those people that are the closest to you and [teaching] how to share Christ with them.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert